Hector Garcia and Evo Psych

It was an incredible opportunity getting to speak with two PhDs about sex, politics and religion- my favorite dinner table topics. Hector was remarkably gracious and being able to even sit in with him and Dr. Darrel Ray was a remarkable pleasure. Have a look.

Hector’s book on religion, Alpha God, can be found here. Sex, Power and Partisanship is a new release I haven’t yet gotten to but seems like a great read.

We briefly spoke also about contrasting ideas presented by Dr. Christopher Ryan in Sex at Dawn.

Dr. Ray’s God Virus and Sex & God are not only brilliant, but the foundation of our show and my work with the ACA.

And, just because it so perfectly represents the idea of ‘making the natural seem strange,’ I highly recommend the work of Nathan W Pyle and his ‘Strange Planet.’