Ecstatic Hearts Tantra

Calling all skeptics, you may want to sit down for this one. This week we spoke with Scott and Melanie McClure of Ecstatic Hearts to peer through the cloud of ancient mysticism and find out what tantric sex has to offer our very sensible audience. Watch as things go off the rails while we struggle to figure out just what the hell tantra actually IS and find some further reading below.

Melanie and Scott, Ecstatic Hearts founders and coaches, describe their work as teaching “simple, but powerful yoga and mindfulness techniques such as meditation, visualization, breath, movement, sound, touch and sexual energy for you to create truly amazing improvements in your life. We incorporate ancient secrets thousands of years old with the most modern technologies that are quick, fun, and easy to do.”

Learn more about their work and writing at or check out their next and upcoming workshops.

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Finally we directed our first caller to the excellent work of Sex Positive Families.