THE Kevin Garcia

This week Vi and I explore the sometimes confounding world of liberal christianity with our tour guide Kevin Garcia. In the past we’ve shied away from conflict and debate with theists, leaving the crossfire to other ACA programs but tonight we just had to know, how can you be christian and queer? Kevin describes themself as a digital pastor and life coach, clothier and tarot reader. We’ll uh… see how it goes. 8/22 at 7p CDT and back here afterwards for some footNOTES.

You can learn more about Kevin’s work as a writer and speaker at

Kevin made mention of the works of as well as John Wesley and mentioned Exodus International and the bullshit of conversion therapy.

And with all of this talk we’d love to remind everyone about the help offered by If you are struggling with feelings of alienation or persecution because of your orientation or gender, they can point you towards healing and a way out.