Putting The Sexy Back in Skepticism

This week Vi and I celebrated the first year of Secular Sexuality on the Atheist Experience Network and discussed why we do the show and what we look forward to in the future. Have a look and let us know what you’d like to see more of!

Have your own story to tell? Secular Sexuality is always looking for new and interesting takes on gender, sexuality, life and love. Previous guests include nurses, burlesque performers, shadow casters, doctors, lawyers, business executives... If you are a current or former- model, performer, Hooter’s waitress, pageant contestant, dungeon master, work-shop instructor or feel you have a unique and sex positive perspective, we want to hear from you! Email sex@atheist-community.org .

Future show dates we discussed include-

Sept 5th- Dr. Darrel Ray (Recovering your Sexuality) 

Sept 12th- Dr. Eric Sprankle (the incompatibility of sexuality and spirituality)

Sept 19th- Mandisa Thomas (Vi and Marie D’elephant)

Sept 26th- Dr. Susan Block (The Bonobo Way) 

Oct 17th- Dr. David Ley (cuckolding)

We also highlighted the work of Dan Savage, especially his Savage Love Cast which you can find right alongside Secular Sexuality any where you can find great sex positive podcasts.