Insatiable Wives and Podcasters

This week’s guest is very much a favorite of mine, I’ve kinda mentioned his work more than once. In addition to appearing on the original podcast version of the show, Dr. David Ley’s writing on porn, sex addiction and cuckolding are mainstays in our efforts to explore and understand the sexual world in a sex negative society. I’m super excited to have him join us for a conversation about hot wives, cold shoulders and the darkest depths of the internet.

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Dr. Suzy's Bonobo Liberation Therapy

This week we are incredibly excited to speak with sex therapist and filmmaker Dr. Susan Block. Dr. Suzy’s Dr. Susan Block Institute for The Erotic Arts and Sciences is one of the most interesting and exciting organizations on an internet full of porn. Her writing and work to unleash the sexual animal within all of us should raise some spirits and eyebrows if nothing else. Have a look.

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At Dr. Sprankle

This week for a special bonus episode I got to sit down with Dr. Eric Sprankle. Dr. Sprankle is an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology and Sexuality Studies At Minnesota State University, a licensed clinical psychologist with the Secular Therapy Project and an AASECT-certified sex therapist with the Minnesota Sexual Health Institute. Most importantly you know him from instagram and twitter as @DrSprankle. Check out our conversation below.

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Recovering Your (Secular) Sexuality

In the wake of The God Virus psychologist Dr. Darrel Ray lead a small group therapy session around the loss of faith and the pain of religious trauma. When that quickly filled up he started a path towards the Recover From Religion Foundation that now offers a number of incredible services to people all around the world. Gearing up for the first ever Fall Excursion, Dr. Ray gives us a sample of his Recover Your Sexuality Workshop. Join Vi and I while class is in session, 9/5 7p CDT and check back here afterwards for footNOTES!

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THE Kevin Garcia

This week Vi and I explore the sometimes confounding world of liberal christianity with our tour guide Kevin Garcia. In the past we’ve shied away from conflict and debate with theists, leaving the crossfire to other ACA programs but tonight we just had to know, how can you be christian and queer? Kevin describes themself as a digital pastor and life coach, clothier and tarot reader. We’ll uh… see how it goes.

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Designing Relationships with Marie D'Elephant

Everyone’s Favorite Agnostic, Marie D’Elephant joins us August 8th for a conversation about the relationship escalator and how to negotiate the relationship of your dreams. Catch us tonight at 7 CDT as we discuss all things sex and love and how to custom build the love of your life. Take a look and be sure to come back afterwards for some footnotes.

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Toxic Pop

For the Fourth of July we sat down with Dr. Darrel Ray to discuss the real or imagined threat of toxic love in pop culture. We dive into our favorite pop songs and highschool heart breaks to bring you this secular take on love, lust and power ballads. We promise to never give you up, let you down, run around or desert you so be sure to take a look.

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Recovery From Religion with Dr. Darrel Ray and Matt Dillahunty

This week I actually get to meet, in person, for really reals, the Dr. Darrel Ray, creator of the original Secular Sexuality. We’ll be talking about his work across various platforms including Recovery from Religion, the Secular Therapy Project and this history of the show. Joining us is one of the faces of the ACA, the highly esteemed Matt Dillahunty.

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Love, Life and Sex with Brittle Bone Disease

Lex is a remarkable, multifaceted person and a great interview. Very much looking forward to having them on again in the future but for now, have a look.

You can learn more about osteogenesis imperfecta here and consider offering Lex your support here.

And, while I don’t really feel the need to shine any more light on this one, Joshua Harris apparently made an entire documentary about how foolish I Kissed Dating Goodbye was. You know, in case you wanted to hate watch a treatise on christian dating. Personally I continue to prefer the resource list recommended by Sex Positive Families.

And as it turns out- Steve Martin did hand out business cards to gawkers and passerby. American treasure.