It’s comediennes right? Or female comedians? Or just funny…people? I don’t have it all sorted out but we sat down with friend of the show and Austin area comic Lana Del Cray to discuss what it’s like being a woman in comedy and to try and understand why Jaime and I are anything but the funniest people on the show.

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Toxic Pop

For the Fourth of July we sat down with Dr. Darrel Ray to discuss the real or imagined threat of toxic love in pop culture. We dive into our favorite pop songs and highschool heart breaks to bring you this secular take on love, lust and power ballads. We promise to never give you up, let you down, run around or desert you so be sure to take a look.

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Recovery From Religion with Dr. Darrel Ray and Matt Dillahunty

This week I actually get to meet, in person, for really reals, the Dr. Darrel Ray, creator of the original Secular Sexuality. We’ll be talking about his work across various platforms including Recovery from Religion, the Secular Therapy Project and this history of the show. Joining us is one of the faces of the ACA, the highly esteemed Matt Dillahunty.

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Storytelling Stripped Down to it's Best

Maritza has a unique business and skill set, so it makes only sense that she would join us to talk about one of our more interesting sexual oddities, Stripped Storytelling. We’ll be talking about this unique take on…burlesque? stripping? porn? Hopefully we’ll sort it all out during the show, make sure to check it out tonight at 7p CST and check back here afterwards for footnotes.

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Secular Therapy Project Research

Dr. Caleb Lack, the director of Recovering from Religion's Secular Therapy Project, is conducting research examining the experiences of the non-religious in therapy. If you consider yourself non-religious (atheist, agnostic, freethinker, secular humanist, etc.) and you have ever been to see a therapist or counselor of some kind, would you please consider taking 15 minutes to answer some questions?

Modern Day Debate

This was my first ever ‘debate style’ video and my first time stepping out from underneath the ACA umbrella. Not my most polished work but I’m excited to share it with you. Our conversation failed to address some of the sticker points of religious belief- questions of ‘why’ and ‘for whom’ got swept aside as we considered the more general repercussions of the christian faith on our sex lives. Hope I was able to offer some insight but I’d love to hear your take. Check it out below.

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One's and Two's- Comparing Perspectives

This week we are joined on Secular Sexuality by our creator and producer emeritus Dr. Darrel Ray, author of the exquisite Sex & God and The God Virus as well as our very own Jenna Belk. It’s an ACA homer’s episode where we address the gender binary and life path of atheism. Catch the episode at 7p CST and check back here afterwards for some FOOTnotes.

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Love, Life and Sex with Brittle Bone Disease

Lex is a remarkable, multifaceted person and a great interview. Very much looking forward to having them on again in the future but for now, have a look.

You can learn more about osteogenesis imperfecta here and consider offering Lex your support here.

And, while I don’t really feel the need to shine any more light on this one, Joshua Harris apparently made an entire documentary about how foolish I Kissed Dating Goodbye was. You know, in case you wanted to hate watch a treatise on christian dating. Personally I continue to prefer the resource list recommended by Sex Positive Families.

And as it turns out- Steve Martin did hand out business cards to gawkers and passerby. American treasure.


Dream It/ Be It

For so much of human history we’ve blamed it’s actions on the will of god, the spirits of our ancestors, the position of mercury or the fortunes foretold by our cookies. I don’t mean here the plans we have, but the dreams, feelings and intentions that guide our life and expectations. By simply dreaming it, by believing it, are we really any closer to being it?

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Peeled Banana Republic

In America, more than 80% of all males have been circumcised, in Europe that number is less than 20%. The World Health Organization puts circumcision right around ⅓ of all adult males globally. Circumcision is such a default in American culture that I think most of us are only recently waking up to the fact that we’re pretty much alone on this one, at least outside of majority muslim countries. And like the imperial measurement system, the NFL, the war on terror and cheez-wiz, Americans seem perfectly willing to barrel ahead without stopping to ask why no else wants to follow.

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