Love, Life and Sex with Brittle Bone Disease

Lex is a remarkable, multifaceted person and a great interview. Very much looking forward to having them on again in the future but for now, have a look.

You can learn more about osteogenesis imperfecta here and consider offering Lex your support here.

And, while I don’t really feel the need to shine any more light on this one, Joshua Harris apparently made an entire documentary about how foolish I Kissed Dating Goodbye was. You know, in case you wanted to hate watch a treatise on christian dating. Personally I continue to prefer the resource list recommended by Sex Positive Families.

And as it turns out- Steve Martin did hand out business cards to gawkers and passerby. American treasure.


Secular Sexuality with Melissa Carnagey of Sex Positive Families

May be our best episode to date, also, what is up with this thumbnail? Melissa was an incredibly gracious and well spoken guest and the calls were wonderful. You can learn more about her and her work at

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