As an educator and counselor I’m guided by a loose set of principles and beliefs about who we are as sexual beings, as members of a society and as humans. My great passion and profession is in understanding these things about ourselves and each other so we are empowered to make our life and our world everything it can be.


Sex Positive Intelligence

Much of who we are as individuals and partners is tied to our gender, our relationship style, our sexual interests and our bodies. By exploring these sides of ourselves free of undue shame and judgement we begin to feel more comfortable in who we are and how we relate to each other. Shedding light on these pieces of ourselves can change who we are and how we love.

Working through the Mysteries of Life

Using existential psychotherapy approaches we can work together to embrace the sometimes troubling realities of life in an imperfect world and better understand what we want and what we can do to get it. No matter who you are or how life is going, we all struggle with the basic truths of choice, loneliness, death and a search for meaning. By better understanding these facts of life we become empowered to change how we live and become the people we wish to be.



Building a Space For You and Yours

It’s a truism that there is more than enough food thrown away each year to feed the many hungry, but logistics and connection get in the way. In this same way I believe that there is more than enough love in the world, but our prejudices, past hurts and unskilled communication leave many of us feeling damaged and disconnected. By creating a space for you and your partner(s) we can work to bridge these gaps and build stronger relationships.